Regular vacuuming is a great day to day maintenance because carpets can quickly collect fine dirt from foot traffic, kids and pets. Not to mention the occasional accidents and spills. Some of these contaminants may or may not be visible on the surface, these substances can cause gradual significant dulling of carpet fibers and may contaminate the air quality that you breathe. Often carpets that appear clean may, in fact, contain more particulates than you realize!

Different company offer different cleaning method at different prices. No two cleaners are alike, low price does not mean they will do a better job. Most importantly are they reliable and will show up as promised? Some industry standards cleaning process should include: pre-vacuuming, pre-spot treatment, apply a quality pre-conditioning detergent, agitation and wash, last but not the least thoroughly hot water extract and rinse all the soil out of your carpets with a quality rinse agent.  Depending on occupancy and traffic carpet manufacturer Shaw including IICRC and CRI recommends that you should have your carpets professionally clean once every 12-18 months.


Why you should clean?


Obviously if your carpets whether in your home or business becomes visibly dirty then you know you're over due for a deep cleaning. Imagine your carpet is like a big filter that traps tracked in dirt, grime, spills, dust mites and other unknown contaminants that's not visible to the naked eye. Regularly well maintain carpets should look clean all the time. Spills should be tended to immediately to prevent it from being tracked around in your home of office.

What is IAQ!

IAQ stands for "Indoor Air Quality". As mention your carpet acts like a big filter, when filters becomes full it release dust and other unknown contaminants back into the air when you walk on the carpet and you unknowingly breathe it in. This sometimes will cause allergy and other breathing problems for some people. To help control this besides routine vacuuming with a good HEPA filtration system the carpet manufacturer recommends professional cleaning every 12-18 months.

Move In/Out!

As you may know that it is part of your rental agreement to have your carpets clean prior to vacating and provide a legitimate receipt from a legitimate carpet cleaning company otherwise they may elect to have it clean again at your expense. Make sure you hire a company who is reliable and will show up as promised. When it comes to move-outs carpet cleaning we come highly recommended by property managers and renters to be the most reliable and reasonably priced without the gimmick ads and coupons.


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