Carpets, whether in your home or in your office, can quickly collect soil from cooking vapors, air pollution, and tracked -in dirt. Though not visible on the surface, these substances can cause gradual significant dulling of carpet fibers and may contaminate the air quality that you and your family breathe while indoors. Carpets that often appear clean may, in fact, contain more particulates than you realize!

If carpet is cleaned before it becomes visibly soiled, the cleaning will be more effective and successful. Carpets in residential homes should be cleaned once every 6 to 12 months depending on the number of residents and the amount of activity. 




I recently had Magic Carpet Steam Cleaning come to my house to clean my carpets. They did an excellent job!  They answered all my questions promptly and set up an appointment. The gentlemen who came out were very professional and polite. Weeks later the carpets are still in great shape. Although I have severe allergy issues, none of the products this company used aggravated my allergies. My house just smells clean. I will definitely use this company again!

— Darlene

Excellent Service!

Excellent service!  Super nice and well, for those who were surprised by change in cost, that's why you should have them walk through beforehand so they know what you want done, and then they can tell you how much the cost will be.  My filthy carpet is now nice and clean, ready for guests.  He also gave me a solution to use in case I get spills and he also gave me a nice discount on top of it all!  Truck mount is the best!  Will definitely be using them again and again and again

— Iris


If you read the reviews of other carpet cleaners on the island, the issue usually is getting them to show up at the appointment time or even getting them to show up at all!  
Of course, they did a great job with the cleaning and even went the extra mile to get out all of the stains.  On top of that they were cool guys, very easy to work with.  Highly recommended!

— Hugh


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